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War Machine

Marvel Super war War Machine wiki
HERO War Machine ROLE Marksman
SPECIALTY Sustained DPS Difficulty Hard


Favorable Fighter (passive)
When War Machine deals damage to enemies, damage is increased by 1% for every 50 yards between him and the target.

Rocket Shell
War Machine fires a howitzer in the specified direction, dealing 40 (+80% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies in its path. Enemy heroes within the flames of Fire Bomb are dealt 40 (+110% Physical Attack) physical damage on hit.

Fire Bomb
War Machine fires a fire bomb to the specified location, creating a sea of flames that lasts 3.0 seconds, dealing 20 (+20% Physical Attack) energy damage every 0.5 seconds to enemies within the flames and slowing them by 30%.

War Machine fires a rocket in the specified direction, dealing 100 (+75% Bonus Physical Attack) physical damage and knocking upward enemy heroes hit. At the same time, the recoil will move him some distance backwards. Using this ability in precision guidance mode will return you to regular battle mode.  

Missile Strike
War Machine sets up a missile launcher and enters precision guidance mode. Using this ability will allow him to aim and continuously shoot missiles at the specified location. Each missile deals 60 (+110% Physical Attack) physical damage to enemies within the explosion range, and the interval between explosions is affected by the cooldown reduction stats. Releasing the ability button will pause the attack, and tapping the Cancel button on the screen will return you to regular battle mode.




Ability Effects