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Marvel Super war Star-Lord wiki
HERO Star-Lord ROLE Marksman
SPECIALTY Sustained DPS Difficulty Hard


Elemental Blasters (passive)
Star-Lord blasts his enemies with element shots from his Elemental Blasters. 20% basic attack or ability damage from each shot will be converted into energy damage.

Let’s Rock
Star-Lord unleashes a stream of 6 element shots at the specified enemy, each of which deals 10 (+25% Physical Attack) physical damage, but Star-Lord will be unable to execute basic attack or use Binding Grenade during this time. Star-Lord fires an extra element shot each time his attack speed goes up by 20%.

Binding Grenade
Star-Lord throws a binding grenade in the specified direction, dealing 80 (+80% Physical Attack) physical damage while immobilizing the first enemy struck for 1 second.

Rocket Boots
Star-Lord gets a speed boost by using his rocket boots for 2.5 seconds.  

Milano Strike
Star-lord commands the Milano to advance in the specified direction and conduct a sustained bombing of any enemy targets in the area for 5 seconds. A bomb will explode every 0.2 seconds dealing 125 (+45 Physical Attack) physical damage to the target but will not damage the same target more than 3 times.




Ability Effects